About us

Our Story

The Production Room is an international (Belgian based) Media consultancy and TV production boutique company, operating primarily in Africa. The Production Room is run by Robert Paltiel, an international TV and Live Streaming producer with a production track record going back 35 years. Robert has produced a wide range of international productions, with a major emphasis on live sports, predominantly football, although international athletics, basketball and rugby have also been produced on a regular basis. The Production Room prides itself in providing creative affordable production solutions throughout Africa.

Our Mission

At The Production Room, our mission is to be a global leader in the creation and distribution of captivating, culturally diverse, and thought-provoking television content. We are dedicated to producing high-quality, innovative, and entertaining programming that transcends borders, fosters understanding, and brings people together.


Our commitment to excellence extends to every aspect of our work, from conceptualization and production to post-production and distribution. We strive to push the boundaries of storytelling, leveraging cutting-edge technology and creative talent from around the world to deliver content that resonates with audiences of all backgrounds.


We are driven by a passion for storytelling that inspires, educates, and entertains. Through our content, we aim to amplify diverse voices and perspectives, showcasing the beauty of human experiences and the richness of global cultures. As responsible stewards of the medium, we are committed to promoting inclusivity, diversity, and sustainability in all our productions.


Join us on our journey to create a world where television transcends boundaries, sparks meaningful conversations, and connects people

Why Choose Us

High Production Value

Extensive experience and resources, enabling them to produce high-quality content

Diverse Talent Pool

Access to a wide range of talent, including actors, directors, writers, and technical crew from various countries and cultures

Cost Efficiency

We operate in regions with lower production costs, which can translate into cost savings for clients while maintaining high-quality standards.

Brand Expansion

Partnering with The Production Room can be a strategic move to expand the brand’s presence in new markets and demographics.